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Tell Your Home Business Success Story In Tampa

Tell Your Home Business Success Story In Tampa If you are a Tampa home based business owner, you have a story. Perhaps you don’t think your story is very interesting, but I bet others would. Especially other Tampa folks who would like to own their own Tampa Xobiotic Direct Sales or internet business.

Your personal story can be used as a case study in your marketing materials. Think of the memorable personal stories that could be drawn from the lives of these famous entrepreneurs:

Walt Disney (Started an empire with a vision and a small loan.)
Martha Stewart (Made DIY home decorating chic and rebounded after legal troubles.)
Warren Buffet (Where do I start?)

In addition to using experiences from your own life as a direct marketer in Tampa, you can use stories about how your products, services, or financial opportunity has affected one of your customers or team members.

If no interesting stories immediately come to mind, don’t dismiss this effective marketing tool. Just keep it in mind as you go about your business in the next few weeks.

As you interact with your home business customers and people in your Tampa network, something might pique your interest. Jot it down for future development.

If you observe your business interactions from a storyteller’s perspective, the marketing possibilities will jump out at you.

How has my experience as a Xobiotic network marketer in Tampa dramatically improved my life? Email me today and I’ll tell you all about it. -Hana Novakova, Tell 3 Yours is FREE

Hana Novakova
Tampa, Florida 33611 305 923 0256

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Direct Marketing On The Internet From Tampa

St. Petersburg Home Business If you are a network marketer in Dunedin or Sarasota, you probably already use Facebook and Twitter to promote your business. If you are a St. Petersburg person who uses Facebook and Twitter for fun, have you ever considered making money while you interact online?

I use Facebook, Twitter and my My Bags and Bling online store to sell Xobiotic. I am also generating residual income by building a St. Petersburg direct marketing team.

Network marketing in St. Petersburg is nothing like it was twenty years ago. Distributors were required to sell products in person, often to Dunedin friends and family. Don’t get me wrong, you still often need to sell Varaty pack and Xobiotic in person, the point I want to stress is that you can also do it online, too.

I can show you how to build a successful internet business with My Bags and Bling.

With your own online store and social networks you can:

  • Find new Varaty pack customers
  • Run email campaigns
  • Grow your My Bags and Bling team
  • Communicate with your team members
  • Strengthen Xobiotic brand identity
  • Create a Varaty pack customer database

I am Hana Novakova. I live in Tampa, Florida. I became a Varaty pack distributor in March 2010. My phone number is 305 923 0256. My team is doing great selling Xobiotic online.

If you would like more information, contact me today.

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Xocai Protein Bars for St. Petersburg Body Builders

St. Petersburg Body Builders Many former protein powder users in Tampa and Clearwater have switched to bars simply for convenience.

Unwrapping a bar is easier than mixing powders and washing shaker cups. However, some are waiting for the perfect meal-on-the-go that comes in a wrapper. If you are still blending protein shakes because you haven’t found a bar that meets your criteria for muscle building, weight loss and quick energy, your wait is over. Xocai Protein Bars have everything you need in a sports bar plus antioxidants and fiber!

Once you taste a Xocai Protein Bar you may wonder how it can taste like a decadent Swiss chocolate bar without all the refined sugar. Organic agave syrup is the key. The agave syrup we use has a glycemic index of only 27. A glycemic index number is a measure of how a carbohydrate affects blood glucose levels. Carbs with a low glycemic index such as agave help reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease and weight gain.

Tampa weight lifters, Dunedin runners, St. Petersburg high-school athletes call or text 305 923 0256 now to order Xocai Protein Bars: The Dark Chocolate Protein Bar. My name is Hana Novakova. I hold healthy chocolate meetings regularly so interested people can taste Xocai healthy chocolate products and learn about Tampa direct marketing success.

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How To Cite Sources On Your Tampa Home Business Blog

How To Cite Sources On Your Tampa Home Business Blog I mentor several Tampa entrepreneurs who have online home business blogs. Some of these home business owners are new to the online marketplace and are learning the principles of small business blogging. Today’s Tampa article explains how to cite third-party information in your home business blog.

Generally, it is permissible to include third-party information as long as you include a source reference. For example, if I wanted to include an excerpt from an article about a Varaty pack research study, I would cite the name of the article, the journal, the author, and the date. If I accessed it from a website, I would include that also.

Here is an example from The article: ‘Dark Chocolate Takes a Bite Out of Stress’ by Jennifer Warner is about a study conducted at the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne Switzerland. At the end of the article, the following paragraph is included: ‘The study appears in the Journal of Proteome Research and was conducted by researchers at the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne, Switzerland.’ included an article by Tabby Biddle that also cites the Swiss study and several others. They cited their sources at the end of the article in the following format:

American Chemical Society. New evidence that dark chocolate helps ease emotional stress. ScienceDaily.  /releases/2009/11/091111123612.htm. Accessed Dec. 7, 2009.

If you want to include material that is licensed, follow the appropriate procedure to obtain permission outlined by the owners of the content. Then be sure to let your readers know that you have permission by saying: ‘Reprinted by permission of so-and-so.’ Tampa home business bloggers who reprint information without permission damage their credibility and run the risk of legal action.

I am Tampa entrepreneur coach Hana Novakova. I own a Varaty pack business based in my Tampa home. I advise new Tampa Varaty pack home business owners on sales, marketing, and recruiting.

If you want to own your own Tampa online business but need some guidance to get started, give me a call at 305 923 0256. I will make sure your Tampa home business hits the ground running.

Entrepreneur and a Leader Hana Novakova
Tampa, Florida 33611
305 923 0256
Deals on Xobiotic

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Hey Tampa – Chocolate for Healthy Digestion?

Passive Income Selling Healthy Chocolate Hi, its Hana Novakova again. Today’s featured healthy chocolate product is Xocai XoBiotic Squares which contain valuable Probiotics.

‘Biotic’ means ‘life’. (It has the same ‘bio’ root such as ‘biology’ and ‘biography’.) Probiotic, therefore, means ‘pro-life’. Probiotics are living microorganisms that maintain and improve health. Xocai has discovered that chocolate is one of the most effective delivery systems for probiotics.

Probiotics play a role in immune strength and digestive function. According to the American College of Gastroenterology, 95 million Americans suffer from digestive problems. Some 60 million have heartburn, 50 million have irritable bowel syndrome, and 20 million suffer from stomach ulcers.

Perhaps you are one of the St. Petersburg area people who are troubled by digestive problems. Have you ever thought that eating chocolate could help? Of course the Snickers and Hershey bars sold at any Tampa grocery store are not the answer (hello diarrhea), however, Xocai XoBiotic squares deliver to your GI tract the microrganisms it needs for proper digestive function.

An 11 gram square of Xocai XoBiotic chocolate contains one billion microorganisms (the good kind!) of two types; Lactobacillus Helveticus R0052 and Bifido Bacterium Longum R0175.

If you are like many Clearwater and Dunedin chocolate lovers, you don’t need an extra reason to eat Xocai antioxidant chocolate. However, isn’t it good to know that there is a Xocai dark chocolate product that not only contains antioxidants, it contains the ‘good bacteria’ that can promote digestive health?

I hold Xocai healthy chocolate meetings regularly at Panera bread. If you would like to join me at my next meeting, contact me at 305 923 0256 for the date and time. You can sample Xocai XoBiotic squares and Varaty pack.

If you are interested in a home-based Sarasota or Dunedin business that capitalizes on the insatiable chocolate market and the equally thriving health and wellness market–we can talk about that also.

I want a life where i share and achieve something really worthwhile

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Do Your Tampa Kids Get Enough Fiber?

Do Your Tampa Kids Get Enough Fiber? In the eighties, the importance of fiber garnered a lot of public attention in Florida. Bran appeared in cereals, muffins, and cookies, and whole wheat bread sales skyrocketed. You don’t hear much about fiber these days, but wise Tampa parents still serve high-fiber meals and snacks daily.

We all know that fiber is important for healthy bowel function, but this is not its only benefit. St. Petersburg people who eat a high-fiber diet keep their cholesterol numbers in check. Numerous studies have shown a relationship between fiber intake and LDL levels.

Tampa children fed diets rich in fiber are more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Fiber-filled meals have lower calorie-volume ratios. Fiber is also important for blood sugar, as it can slow the rate of blood sugar absorption.

Do your St. Petersburg children get enough fiber? School lunches rarely feature whole wheat breads and most kid-friendly snacks have too little fiber and too many empty calories.

Though it takes a little extra effort to locate fiber rich foods in many St. Petersburg grocery stores, everyone in the family will benefit from increasing their fiber intake.

Xocai has several high fiber products that kids love. The Xocai X Protein Meal Shake has 8 grams of fiber per serving. Xocai Activ provides 28% of the daily recommended value for dietary fiber. Xocai healthy snacks and beverages are a great way to help your kids stay healthy.

Children’s Health Advocate Hana Novakova
305 923 0256
Varaty pack

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St. Petersburg Mega-Meals: Don’t Eat The Whole Thing!

St. Petersburg Mega-Meals: Don't Eat The Whole Thing!

It’s no wonder that many Tampa children and teens struggle with weight issues. What is considered a ‘normal’ food portion has been getting bigger and bigger. In some cases, as with gargantuan Tampa fast food soft drinks and St. Petersburg Costco muffins-on-steroids, it is absolutely ridiculous. And extremely unhealthy.

The findings from three large national surveys demonstrate:

‘Hamburgers have expanded by 23 percent; a plate of Mexican food is 27 percent bigger; soft drinks have increased in size by 52 percent, snacks, whether they be potato chips, pretzels or crackers, are 60 percent larger.’1

Tampa restaurants and St. Petersburg food and beverage manufacturers are not the only ones sabotaging our children. Portion sizes have increased in homes, also.

If Tampa parents are going to help their children maintain a healthy weight, learning proper portion sizes is critical. If we don’t know the size of a healthy portion, how can we teach our children?

The Mayo Clinic website has a great slide show that helps St. Petersburg parents and other children’s health advocates understand what ‘4 ounces’ or a ‘half cup’ actually looks like. You can see it here:

To order a terrific nutritional product for St. Petersburg kids, call me today!

Hana Novakova   305 923 0256

1John McKenzie, ‘Food Portion Sizes Have Grown, A Lot,’ ABC News, Jan. 21, 2011,, accessed on June 28, 2011

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Why is the Xocai Protein Bar Superior?

Clearwater Antioxidant Protein Bar Are you a Tampa protein bar eater?

If so, you are probably more health-conscious than the average Joe. Otherwise, you would just have a Snickers, right?

Protein bars usually deliver more protein and contain less fat than candy bars. However, there is a Clearwater chocolate protein bar that is clearly superior. The Xocai Healthy Chocolate Protein bar has the greatest concentration of antioxidants of all protein bars sold in St. Petersburg. And that’s not all. The Xocai bar is low-calorie, low fat, and high fiber.

Not all Xocai Protein Bar fans are hard-core athletes. It is a multi-purpose health bar enjoyed in different ways by different types of Clearwater MXI chocolate consumers. I have Tampa Xocai clients who eat the Xocai Protein Bar as a low-calorie, high-energy, weight-loss bar. It tastes so much better than Slim Fast and NutriSystem.

Smart Dunedin parents keep Xocai Protein bars in the car for their children to snack on. Who says your kids have to eat low-fiber Goldfish crackers and high-sugar fruit snacks?

Some of my St. Petersburg Xocai customers who leave the house in a rush eat the Xocai protein bar for their early morning meal. Most breakfast bars, granola bars, cereal bars, and fruit bars do not have enough protein to adequately replace a meal.

And it goes without saying that the Xocai Protein Bar is a wiser choice than doughnuts, cinnamon rolls, or croissants. Ditto for the Egg McMuffin, Burger Kings’ Croissan’Wich, and Subway’s Cheese Breakfast Sandwich. (If you want to lose your appetite, read the fat, sodium, and calorie content information for these popular fast-food breakfasts.)

To try the Xocai Antioxidant Chocolate Protein Bar or Varaty pack, call me today. We can also discuss the incredible Xocai financial opportunity.

Here is my contact information:

  • Entrepreneur and a Leader Hana Novakova
  • Tampa, Florida
  • 305 923 0256
  • Xobiotic
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Keep Kids Hydrated In Tampa

Keep Kids Hydrated In Tampa

Children, with their smaller body weights and higher turnover of electrolytes and water, are very susceptible to dehydration. Most Tampa parents know to look for the signs of dehydration when their children have a stomach sickness, but even healthy kids are at risk for dehydration, especially when they are outside on warm, sunny days. The risk is particularly high for kids who play outdoor sports in Clearwater, Dunedin, and Sarasota.

Since dehydration is such an important issue in children’s health, be sure to insist on regular fluid intake before and during all physical activity. Opt for lightweight, loose, and light-colored clothing that covers as much skin as possible. Also, stay in close communication with coaches and make sure they are aware of dehydration risk.

Children who don’t exercise much, are obese, or who are sick, have an increased risk of dehydration. It’s important to allow all kids to acclimate to the heat when the temperature goes up in Tampa. Let them take it easy for the first few practice sessions.

It’s also important to help your kids recognize the symptoms of dehydration:

Dry mouth
Excessive fatigue

My name is Hana Novakova and children’s health is a top priority of mine. I am the owner of a Tampa home business that sells nutritional chocolate product. If you are interested in learning more, visit my web site at

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