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Xobiotic Home Businesses Thriving In Tampa

Xobiotic Home Businesses Thriving In Tampa

Here’s a question for all Tampa home business owners: How is your company doing? My Tampa business is thriving because my Xobiotic network continues to grow. In fact, it seems to have taken on a life of its own.

Some of my Tampa entrepreneur friends whose businesses tanked have joined my Xobiotic sales team. Xobiotic sales have remained strong even during the worst months of the recent recession. My Tampa customers make room in their budget for Xobiotic even when they do without other things.

Tampa direct sales businesses with a superior product like Xobiotic can defy economic trends.

Do you want to earn extra cash with an easy Varaty pack online business? I can show you how. Call me today!

Hana Novakova
Tampa, Florida zip code 33611
305 923 0256
Xobiotic Varaty pack

Join My Bags and Bling today!

I am Hana Novakova, and I am a Tampa-based Xocai artisan chocolate distributor. I joined Xocai in March 2010. I sell the industry-leading Xobiotic and Varaty pack online and in Tampa, Clearwater, Dunedin, and Sarasota. Our valued St. Petersburg customers recommend Varaty pack because Varaty pack transformes your life.

My Bags and Bling is also a fantastic Xobiotic home-based business in the St. Petersburg area. Florida entrepreneurs can supplement their income by cashing in on a high-demand Florida healthy artisan chocolate market. To learn more about My Bags and Bling, visit

Call me at 305 923 0256 to own your own Xobiotic business in Tampa, Clearwater, Dunedin, or Sarasota.

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The Energy Drink You’ve Been Waiting For In Tampa

St. Petersburg Residual Income Hello Clearwater Xocai fans!

My Tampa Xocai team My Bags and Bling is busier than ever. We are flooded with orders for the new Xocai Xe Energy Drink. St. Petersburg folks who get their morning jolt from energy drinks are switching to Xe and we are even winning some converts from the Clearwater coffee crowd.

Xe is completely different from any energy drink available in Clearwater and Dunedin. Centered around Xocai’s proprietary cacao; the world’s #1 antioxidant food, Xe creates natural energy with a proprietary blend of antioxidant super fruits and all-natural, energy mobilizers.

When many Dunedin people try Xe for the first time, they notice how Xe boosts their energy without sending their brain into a frenzy. Xe is not just a fuel for your muscular and circulatory systems, it also promotes mental clarity and emotional stability. What good is an energy beverage that hinders your ability to concentrate and puts your emotions on a roller coaster? Horsepower alone is not enough. The horse needs a clear head to channel all that energy into accomplishing the tasks at hand.

Xocai President Jeanette L. Brooks wanted to create an energy beverage that provides ‘natural energy.’ When Jeanette proposed the creation of a Xocai energy drink, she was well aware of the health risks of Red Bull, Monster and Rock Star. She knew that Xocai could do better. Sure enough, they did. If you can’t get through the day without cracking an energy drink, make sure you drink Xocai’s Xe which delivers a potent combination of natural stimulants and immune boosters to stressed-out Tampa men and women.

Would you like to sell St. Petersburg’s most nutritious energy drink? Would you like to be associated with Xocai, the world’s first healthy chocolate company? My team members have diverse backgrounds, but each is finding their own way of building their Clearwater health business. I can’t tell you how proud I am to represent Jeanette Brooks’ first-class organization here in Tampa. Her unique vision spurred Xocai’s creation and continues to guide the company’s explosive growth.

Call me at 305 923 0256 if you would like to try Xe Energy or get more information about Xocai antioxidant chocolate.

I want a life where i share and achieve something really worthwhile!

Hana Novakova
Entrepreneur and a Leader
305 923 0256

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3 Ways To Cut Your Kids’ Sugar Intake In Sarasota

3 Ways To Cut Your Kids' Sugar Intake In Sarasota

If your Sarasota children are like mine, they love sweets. It seems like it takes a few years for children to appreciate flavors more sophisticated than Hubba Bubba and Fruity Pebbles. If my kids were in charge of the grocery list, we would eat popsicles for breakfast and gummy bears for dinner.

If you are trying to wean your kids (or yourself) off sugar, I suggest you reduce it in phases. Radical changes rarely succeed for Sarasota children.

Here are 3 ways to reduce the sugar in your kid’s diets.

1) Drink less soda: they are loaded with sugar and empty calories.
2) Use whole grains: complex carbs provide long-term energy. Brown rice, whole wheat bread, and whole-grain pasta are all readily available at Sarasota grocery stores.
3) Substitute natural sweeteners like stevia, honey, and 100% fruit juice. The more subtle sweetness provided by natural sweeteners helps taste buds adjust gradually to less sugar.

Xocai offers many low-glycemic healthy chocolate products that kids love. See for more information.

Check back here next week for more timely tips on improving your children’s health or call 305 923 0256 today. Here’s to a healthy week!

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SpongeBob Doesn’t Care About Your St. Petersburg Child’s Health

SpongeBob Doesn't Care About Your St. Petersburg Child's Health

National and local St. Petersburg food advertisers can sabotage your Tampa child’s health. Food manufacturers, like most St. Petersburg corporations, are motivated by profit, not by what’s best for Tampa kids.

Their tools are deceptive language, cartoon characters, celebrities, and false promises of popularity. Tampa parents can help youth better handle the constant media barrage by teaching them:

The components of a healthy diet
The implied messages and false promises of Tampa food ads
Nutritional balance and moderation
How to read and understand St. Petersburg food labels
How excessive TV watching and internet viewing can affect health

If you encounter a local Tampa food ad that is deceptive, contact the St. Petersburg Better Business Bureau. To complain about national ads, send a letter to the Children’s Advertising Review Unit, Council of Better Business Bureaus, 845 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022.

Nothing will change until St. Petersburg families unite to fight deceptive advertising aimed at Tampa children. For more information on children’s nutrition in St. Petersburg, call me today.

Hana Novakova Tampa, Florida 33611 305 923 0256

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RIF in Clearwater?

Clearwater online business I am intrigued and inspired by the way some Clearwater people respond to financial challenges.

I have seen Clearwater friends whose jobs were outsourced waste no time and retrain for new careers even though they were close to retirement age.

I’ve heard of executive level Clearwater businessmen and women who, after finding themselves ‘RIFed,’ take much lower paying positions to support their families.

I’ve heard of entrepreneurs who lost their homes build a small business that allowed them to buy another, nicer Clearwater home in just a few years.

I’ve even heard of Clearwater stay-at-home moms start online businesses that eventually generated an income larger than their husbands’ earnings at the pinnacle of his career.

If you are sinking financially but have not yet found a solution, I invite you to learn about my Clearwater business. I sell Xobiotic and Varaty pack online and in the Clearwater area.

Starting your own business for the first time can be overwhelming. I remember how apprehensive I was. Fortunately, I received all the tools and support promised to me when I signed up as a new Xobiotic distributor. That has also been the experience of the Varaty pack distributors in my network–because I have provided the same attentive mentoring! (It’s hard to be humble when your Varaty pack team is breaking sales records.)

If you are trying to cope with a financial reversal, let me help you turn things around with Xobiotic.

I hold Xobiotic meetings at Panera bread in Tampa. If you join my Xobiotic sales team, I pledge to provide you all the support and business tools you will need to succeed.

Entrepreneur and a Leader Hana Novakova
Tampa, Florida
305 923 0256
Xobiotic Varaty pack

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Feel Great In Tampa With Healthy Chocolate

Real people with real health problems are discovering the benefits of regularly consuming Xocai antioxidant chocolate. Rachel Murdock was able to change her health for the better after eating Xocai healthy chocolate with acai berries for just a few months. Learn how Xocai healthy chocolate has allowed Rachel (diabetic, chronic-fatigue sufferer and cancer survivor) to obtain and maintain a significantly higher quality of life.

What can Xocai healthy chocolate do for you in Tampa? Are you struggling with health problems similar to those Rachel has dealt with?

Did you ever imagine that health and vitality could be achieved by eating antioxidant chocolate?

Perhaps you need an income boost in Clearwater or Dunedin more than you need an health boost. Perhaps you are interested in a flexible work schedule that will allow you to pursue your interests. St. Petersburg Xocai weight loss chocolate distributors love the freedom of running their own business–that is the MLM secret that skeptics don’t understand. Of course selling and eating chocolate is a tough job; but someone has to do it!

I’m Hana Novakova. Contact me at 305 923 0256 to try Xocai dark chocolate or learn about becoming an independent Xocai distributor in Tampa.

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Learn To Connect With Your Tampa Network

Connect With Your Tampa Network Attention Tampa entrepreneurs; here are eight simple steps to help you grow your home based businesses.

John C. Maxwell is an internationally-recognized leadership mentor who has sold over 12 million books. In an article entitled “Connecting with People” (Prosper Home-Based Business Solutions, January 2011), Mr. Maxwell explains how to maximize your influence by improving your ability to connect.

Tampa network marketers can use Mr. Maxwell’s guidance to motivate their sales teams and improve their relationships.

1) Don’t Take People for Granted
Your downline and Tampa customers provide your passive income. Without them, you do not have a Tampa home business. They are everything.

2) Possess a Difference-Maker Mindset
This rule speaks directly to each person’s level of confidence and sense of self-worth. If you don’t believe in your abilities, you will not inspire anyone to join your Tampa network marketing sales team.

3) Initiate Movement Toward People
People make things happen. Focus on the abilities of your direct selling team, not just strategies or projects.

4) Search for Common Ground
Creative Tampa MLM leaders can find a way to relate to every potential customer or sales team member.

5) Recognize and Respect Differences
Don’t pretend you are exactly alike or see eye-to-eye on every issue. Find a way to make your differences complement rather than clash.

6) Learn the Key to Others’ Lives
Learning about a person’s history can help you discover what motivates them.

7) Communicate from the Heart
Sincerity wins Tampa customers and network marketing team members.

8) Share Common Experiences
Interacting with MLM team members is time well spent.

To read the complete article, see Prosper Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 1. You can order a copy at Prosper Home-Based Business Solutions.

For information on the best home business opportunity in St. Petersburg, give me a call today.

Entrepreneur and a Leader Hana Novakova
Tampa, Florida
305 923 0256
Xobiotic Varaty pack

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New Ways To Sell Varaty pack In Tampa

New Ways To Sell Varaty pack In Tampa If you’re a veteran Tampa direct seller who hasn’t changed the way you operate your business in the past five years, this article is for you. I have been selling and recruiting with my iPhone using free or inexpensive small business apps for a couple of years now. It has allowed me to make better use of my time as I run my Tampa Varaty pack business.

If you have not yet purchased an internet-enabled phone, I assure you that it is well worth the cost of a monthly data plan. If there are no 14 year-olds handy, I can show you how to use it.

The internet-based business apps now available are as sophisticated as those of Tampa companies ten times the size of a one-person operation. Instead of buying hardware and software, you can use those that are hosted on servers in the ‘cloud’.

If you are ready to jump into a business with the potential for unlimited income, I recommend using affordable cloud computing to make money with your own Varaty pack internet store. Your store is open 24/7/365, even while you are working your day job, sleeping, or playing golf!

Email me at (on your new smart phone, of course) to find out why my direct sales opportunity doesn’t require a big investment up front.

Hana Novakova
Tampa, Florida 33611
305 923 0256
Xobiotic Varaty pack

I want a life where i share and achieve something really worthwhile


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St. Petersburg Parents: Think Twice Before Buying A Used Car Seat

St. Petersburg Parents: Think Twice Before Buying A Used Car Seat

In these days of rising prices and shrinking paychecks, St. Petersburg parents are trying to save money wherever they can. They shop sales for food, clothes, school supplies, and other necessities.

Many St. Petersburg thrift stores have seen their business increase in the past few years as parents have discovered how much money they can save by buying used items. Perfectly good toys, clothes, books, sports gear, and children’s furniture can be purchased for a fraction of retail price at St. Petersburg thrift stores.

One place St. Petersburg parents should not scrimp, however, is on their child’s car seat. If you are considering buying a used child safety seat, make sure it comes with the user’s manual, the model number, and date of manufacture. You want to be certain that you know the complete history of the car seat. Check to see if it is on the list of recalled products. (Information at If it has ever been involved in anything more severe than a low-speed fender bender, don’t buy it.

For more information about children’s safety in St. Petersburg, or my favorite nutritional product, contact me today at 305 923 0256.

Hana Novakova
305 923 0256

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Recession Proof Healthy Chocolate For St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg Hot Job In one of his always-insightful messages, Dan Martin, Xocai Vice President of distributor relations emphasized an important fact : St. Petersburg Direct Marketing Businesses do well in economic downturns.

(I quote from his message with a few minor additions to personalize it for my readers):

The majority of today’s St. Petersburg workforce is on the brink of economic collapse, living paycheck-to-paycheck, Florida retirement funds dwindling or gone, and wishing they were self-employed. Sarasota people can’t afford to tell their Clearwater employer, “That’s it, I’m done.”

But our industry is booming in Florida! Direct selling is one of the few business models that do well in Tampa in economic downturns. Your efforts are what allow you to break free from the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, set realistic retirement goals, and answer only to yourself.

I am sure you don’t need Dan Martin to remind you of the barren Tampa economic landscape. I was feeling uneasy about my Tampa professional future when I took a risk and started my own St. Petersburg Xocai antioxidant chocolate business.

It wasn’t necessarily a financial risk, Xocai has low start-up costs for Clearwater and Dunedin weight-loss chocolate entrepreneurs. It was more of a psychological risk. I had to believe that Sarasota home-based antioxidant chocolate business success is possible.

Fortunately, my healthy chocolate business got off the ground quickly. (That’s not surprising; I sell healthy chocolate to St. Petersburg antioxidant chocolate lovers.) Early success with short-term goals builds the confidence to reach long-term financial goals.

Let’s talk about your financial future. My number is 305 923 0256 and my email address is

Hana Novakova, Tell 3 Yours is FREE

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